What Happens When I Upgrade or Downgrade My Employer Account?


Upgrading from Starter to Standard or Professional Employer Plan:

  • If you upgrade from the free Starter to the Standard plan, the monthly subscription period starts on the day you upgrade.

Upgrading from Standard to Professional Plan:

  • If you upgrade from the Standard to the Professional plan, the monthly subscription period does not restart on that day.  Instead, we calculate and charge the pro-rated difference between the two prices based on where in your previous 30 day subscription period you are.  It will never be more than the $70 difference between the $99 Standard Account and the $169 Professional Account.  You will be notified of the exact amount on the invoice for the charge that we send after the transaction clears our credit card processing.  
  • You will automatically receive two more jobs in your new professional plan account, and you may use then anytime during that subscription month.
  • The next month you will receive 3 new jobs. 

Downgrading from Standard or Professional to Starter Plan:

  • If you downgrade back to a free Starter account, your new jobs can only be freelance, not full time.  However, after the 30 days paid subscription is over, a full time job posted that is still active may stay full time until it expires.

Downgrading from Professional to Standard Plan:

  • The only change with jobs in this circumstance is that you will receive only 1 new job in the following subscription month, rather than the 3 new jobs per month you enjoyed with the Professional Plan.


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