How do I increase my exposure and profile ranking on LocalSolo

We do have a few tips for increasing your exposure and profile ranking on LocalSolo:

  • Fill out your profile fully.  It will be more attractive to potential employers
  • Add a classy profile pic.  People like working with people they feel comfortable with, especially if you're local.
  • Add portfolio images so they can see the work you do without having to click offsite.
  • Add the names of clients and agencies you've worked with, it makes you more legit.
  • Add all your skills from our auto-complete skills field, employers search for them.
  • Get recommendations, they really help your search results in our system.
  • Invite friends through your admin.  If they are approved, it also helps your search rank in our system.
  • Improve your title for organic SEO:  Put a few keywords in your title that you want google to find.  JUST A FEW, don't overload your title or it will backfire.  We pair your title with the word "Freelance" and the name city you are in for your page title.  This is what search engines index and it will allow people to find you for your main skill.  We expect our organic SEO to jump up dramatically in a few months.  We are a new site, so it takes a while.  
  • Fix up your own site or profile on other sites.  We know that thousands of our freelancer's provided offsite links are being clicked on. 

We hope these tips help.  Put your best foot forward! You'll have a better chance of being noticed.

Check out our blog article which goes into more detail:  

9 Ways to Make Your LocalSolo Profile Stand Out

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