Why was my profile denied for live listing?

First off, we apologize that your profile was denied for live listing, especially if we invited you to apply.  We do have a duty first and foremost to our Employers to present freelancers that have a certain level of quality professional work in their field.  

We review every submitted profile personally, and must make an often difficult decision whether an Employer would consider hiring you for your area of expertise based on the information you've provided, both on your profile and in your offsite links. 

We encourage you to submit you profile again if you would like to correct a mistake or improve your profile  You can do this anytime with your login.  

There are many reasons your profile may have been denied a live listing.  Here are some common ones:

  • We may well have reviewed your profile before you were finished filling it out completely.  
  • You did not provide enough written information and/or portfolio images for an Employer to evaluate your experience.  
  • You provided no working links.  Many many times we get broken links, especially Linkedin links that go nowhere or to your private profile that we can't view without being your connection.  
  • The links you provided had insufficient information or professional work examples to evaluate your experience and work quality.   
  • Your skill-set is not within our currently supported categories.  For example, we don't currently have a "Fine Art" category.  
  • Your experience and/or work examples are not quite at the professional level we feel our Employers would consider.   We understand this is subjective.  
  • We are unable to determine that you are presently offering freelance services as an individual.  We don't offer listing to companies at this time, sorry about that. We would direct you to our friends at to list your company. 
  • Your application did not contain enough information in English to evaluate your experience. Other languages are allowed, but in addition to English please.
  • You do not reside in, or near, one of our supported cities.

Again, we sincerely apologize if your profile was not approved. We encourage you to log back in anytime and re-apply via your LocalSolo account dashboard with updated information. We hope to be able to approve your LocalSolo profile for live listing soon.

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