I’ve received a pre-approved invite directly from LocalSolo staff, what’s next?

If you've received a pre-approved invite from us, then we've already identified you through our research as a Freelancer that would likely qualify for a profile on LocalSolo.  You may sign up with your code and fill out your profile.

Once you've filled out your profile it will be sent to us to approve for a live listing.  At that point we review your profile to ensure the information, work and links you provide allow an Employer to appropriately evaluate you as a qualified professional in your field.  The more of your profile that you fill out, the better chance you have for being approved for a listing at that time.  Once verified, your profile goes live on LocalSolo.  

If your profile has been rejected at that point for a live listing, you may login again anytime to improve your profile and re-submit to us for subsequent live listing consideration.


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