Do I qualify to be a Freelancer on LocalSolo?

To qualify for a live profile listing on LocalSolo, you must satisfy the following main qualifications:

  • You must be a freelance professional that offers individual services in at least one of our main freelance categories.  You can find our main categories in the header at  
  • Your professional qualifications must pass our review to determine you are a qualified professional in your areas of expertise.  
  • You need to have done some professional client work, and your work needs to be of a certain professional quality.  We realize this is subjective.   
  • If you are a student who hasn't done much professional work, you may still apply and may be accepted if your portfolio work samples are exceptional.  

It also helps to be located in one of the cities we currently have in our service area. Though if you are not located in one of our main cities, and we feel your qualifications would be of interest to our Employer users, you may still accepted and classified as "Worldwide" to show up in global searches. We may add your city specifically in the future.

We reserve the right to deny any Freelance application for a LocalSolo listing.  




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